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Medal of Honor

The Medal of Honor

The Second World War saw countless displays of courage and feats of heroism on the battlefield. There were those men, however, who displayed such daring and intrepidity that they distinguish themselves far above the rest. These proved to be the bravest of the brave. As such, they were awarded our country’s highest decoration for combat heroism… The Medal of Honor.

Audie Murphy

Audie Murphy

Audie Murphy had always wanted to be a soldier. After the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor in December 1941, he tried to enlist in the Army, Navy and Marine Corps. They all turned him down as being unfit for military duty. How wrong they were. Audie Murphy was to become the most decorated soldier of World War II.

The 3rd Infantry Division of World War II

The Third Infantry Division of World War II

The 3rd Infantry Division is one of the few American divisions that fought the Axis on all European fronts during World War II. It fought in 531 consecutive days of combat action, participated in four amphibious assault landings, suffered 4,922 killed in action, and 18,766 wounded. The Division ended the war perched on the ruins of Hitler's Eagles Nest at Berchtesgaden in May 1945.


Bannerman's Remembered

Francis Bannerman and Sons for me was a very special place, never to be forgotten. I am one of those fortunate enough to have visited the retail store when it was located at 501 Broadway, New York back in the 1950's. The Bannerman's experience and the treasures which the store once held have now become only memories... but the legacy of that place is legendary.

Ernie Pyle

Ernie Pyle - A Tribute

The Dogface's Best Friend - He was a friend to every G.I. He was beloved by everyone at the front and at home. He was slight, quiet and unassuming. He was old enough that he didn't have to be there, but he wanted to, he felt it was his duty. He pulled no punches and reported the war to the world just as he saw it ... and just the way it was. 

Captain Waskow

The Death of Captain Waskow

The battle for San Pietro in September 1943 was one of the toughest in the Italian Campaign. Captain Waskow of the 36th Texas Division went into the line with a full company of 148 men. After one week of combat in the rugged Italian hills the company was reduced to the size of a 30-man platoon. But for the men remaining alive in Company B, the worst loss was yet to come.

The Dogface Soldier

The Dogface Soldier Song

In 1942, Lieutenant Ken Hart and Corporal Bert Gold, both natives of Long Beach, New York, who were then serving in the United States Army, co-wrote the song, "Dogface Soldier". The song was carried to North Africa by a G.I. with a guitar who played it for his buddies while they were in camp. Spreading from mouth to mouth and unit to unit without help from the radio, sheet music, or records, it became the most famous fighting song of the Second World War.


A Word About Forums

With the advent of the internet and the worldwide web, it became possible to put almost anything before the eyes of anyone with a computer. You didn?t have to leave your home in order to make purchases, communicate with others or share opinions with anyone on the planet. Regarding those opinions as they apply to military collectibles, just how accurate are they and what are they worth?

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